Good and Bad

There are two sides to every coin, so they say…

– Bad: The Red Sox ***blew yet another chance at a trip to the World Series|***.
+ Good: At least Becky and I won’t have to think about baseball while we are on vacation next week.

– Bad: Becky had a ***wisdom tooth pulled|*** today.
+ Good: It’s better than her being on Vicodin while we’re on vacation.

– Bad: Millions of Windows users will soon become hopelessly addicted to a new ***online music store|***.
+ Good: Their addiction will play into the coffers of my ***favorite computer company|***

2 thoughts on “Good and Bad

  1. michelle

    hmm…. if you need to know where to get some vicodin then i could forward you the 10 or so spams a day that i get advertising it! 😉

    i don’t even know what vicodin is for.

  2. Will

    The iTunes Music Store is, in fact, the Devil. One of my housemates hadn’t even had iTunes for half an hour before he spent fifteen bucks. iTMS gift certificates are definitely going on this year’s Christmas list.


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