Double Dose of Good News

Two pieces of good news today!

One: ***NAC|*** and ***Site5|*** have been removed from the ***SPEWS|*** blacklist. Hooray! Many thanks go to the excellent ***|*** user community for bringing about this change. BBR is also a customer of NAC, and all of the BBR IP addresses were added to the list. BBR used their considerable clout to encourage NAC to terminate the known spammers. As it turns out, the NAC CEO was very much in the dark as to the spammer situation, and he has vowed to be much more involved and vigilant in detecting and banning the spammers from his network. So it looks like our email is back to normal! Thanks also to everyone who responded to my requests for help with email testing.

Two: The brake light situation on my car has been solved! Thanks to a timely suggestion from ***Bob Golding|***, I made a simple check of the brake fluid level in my car. It turns out that the level was very low. So I picked up a bottle of brake fluid for $1.69 at ***AutoZone|***, poured it in, and tested out the car. Surprise surprise, the brake light turned off after I released the emergency brake! And it stayed off as I drove back to work, too! I’m quite happy that I’ve been able to make this simple fix, and I’d like express my thanks to Bob for the advice. I’ve given Bob and honorary spot on our Friends blog list. Thanks again, Bob!

Now I just have to take the car back to get re-inspected, and I should be home free! I also replaced the wiper blades with some nice new winter blades, so there should not be any more barriers to passing the inspection. Phew!

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