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Thanks to mechanic Samir Al-ghazi of the Peabody Sunoco, and a timely tip from ***Bob Golding|***, my car has passed the ***Massachusetts Enhanced Emissions and Safety Test|***! I’m safe and clean for at least another year! 🙂

Since I have an even numbered year car, and this year is an even number year, I had to have an emissions test in addition to the safety test. If you’re interested in my car’s emissions levels:

Hydrocarbons GPM: 00.17 (Limit 01.20)
Carbon Monoxide GPM: 006.25 (Limit 020.00)
Oxides of Nitrogen GPM: 00.50 (Limit 02.50)
Carbon Dioxide GPM: 252.15 (No limit specified)

I’m not sure what GPM means – grams per meter? In any case, I guess it’s acceptable to the state of Massachusetts.


One thought on “Passed!

  1. Bob

    The emissions look really good. Actually pretty close to meeting the current brand new car EPA standards which is highly impressive on an older car with that many miles.

    You can see the new Cat. working in the low NOx reading.

    GPM=Grams Per Mile.


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