Prepare yourself for a shock

So, over the last few months you’ve all heard about Peter’s new technological acquisitions. He has been very happy with his new toys and has been spending time tweaking them to his liking.

“What about you, Bec?” You might ask. “What have you gotten lately?”

Well, I have indeed made a few techy purchases of my own. The first is a pretty little piece of metal called the 30gig Video iPod. See it here:

ppp|30g iPod|ppp

I am pretty enamored with it. It is shiny and little and has a color screen. Not only does it play music, but I can watch videos and look at pictures on it! Doesn’t get better than that!

I was also a little concerned about my picture taking abilities once the baby comes along. Peter’s camera is great, but it is hardly the kind of camera you pull out at a moment’s notice to take a snapshot of little BabyWood schmering squash all over the table… So we went looking for a “point and shoot” digital camera. Here’s what we found:

ppp|Canon A530|ppp

[edit] It is a Cannon Powershot A530. It has a few little issues: the flash recycle time is kind of slow, the screen is a little grainy… but it works for my purposes and was definately in my price range (ie. cheap).

I’m still figuring out how to take good pictures with it, but I’m planning on reading the manual and practicing. Never fear. I’m glad to have an easy to use camera and look forward to capturing many many precious moments 😉

Don’t think for a moment, though, that I’ve completely jumped to the geeky side… Peter was trying to convince me to get a new cell phone tonight…I told him that I was still plenty happy with the phone I have. Yes. The one he bought in 2000 and gave me when he grew tired of it. I like its size, shape, etc. and it still works like a charm. Why fix what isn’t broken?

7 thoughts on “Prepare yourself for a shock

  1. krista

    I have the same iPod and it’s truly one of the best pieces of electronic equipment I have ever owned. Word of advice-try to get some sort of cover for the front-I recommend one of those skin-tight rubber ones that come in different colors. The screen tends to get scratched easily and the skin keeps that from happening with its own little replaceable cover. It also keeps the surface of the iPod from getting scratched as well. I also bought a small camera pouch to store it in when not in use to keep it from getting bashed around in my backpack.

  2. jennifair

    Wow. you are a lucky girl! I’m kind of wanting an Ipod… everyone else seems to have them! 😉 I hear that once you have it you never look back – gone are the days of CD’s in the car and that you’ll find yourself listening to music everywhere. Happy Geeky Purchases! 🙂

  3. Jenny R.

    Hehe, I’m with you on the cell phone thing. I’ve had my phone since Christmas of 2000 and it works fine. Well, it did. It’s starting to break a bit, and I’ll have to get a new one soon as I can afford it, but it’s kinda sad parting with it after over 5 years. Why fix what isn’t broken? Well, until it gets broken that is 😉

  4. Peter

    Jenny: If you are a Sprint customer (and I think I recall that you are), they have a New For You upgrade program that you should check out. You can get a $150 instant rebate when purchasing a new Sprint phone to replace your old Sprint phone. There are several models that you could essentially get for free with this program, and a few that you could get for just $20-$40.


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