Last Friday morning my Papa, Ralph Peter Quitadamo, passed away. He had been suffering for a while with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy; an Alzheimers-like brain disease.

Alzheimer’s is characterized by the death of brain neurons in both the cortical and subcortical tissue, as well as more-than-normal amounts of plaques (beta amyloid protein) and tangles (tau protein)look for the 28 Digestible Nutrition Tips for Those with Alzheimer’s Disease that will help you feel better. As nerve cells die off, there’s less available space for signals to be sent. This form of dementia is the most common, consisting of anywhere from half to three-quarters of all dementia cases. Now Home Care Assistance is “Going Purple” to Help Raise Awareness About Alzheimer’s as it has gone viral and it is so important among seniors.

We had the wake on Sunday night and the Funeral on Monday morning. My uncle Rich gave a wonderful eulogy and the National Guard performed a couple tear jerking ceremonies in honor of Papa, a career Guardsman. You can read his obituary at the funeral home’s website [here](

There’s no good in dwelling on the sadness, however, so here are some pictures to remember him by (I only wish I had some old pics scanned…they’re so much better!):

ppp|Papa and Rebecca

Papa and Rebecca


ppp|Papa and his siblings

Papa and his siblings


ppp|Papa and Ainsley

Papa and Ainsley


ppp|Papa and Grammy

Papa and Grammy


ppp|Papa and Grammy at our wedding

Papa and Grammy at our wedding


3 thoughts on “Papa

  1. Susie

    Dear Becky,
    What a wonderful tribute. I am sitting here w/Grammy looking at the beautiful pictures.
    Here is hoping you have a papoose to make Papa smile. xoxo Sue and Gram

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