Baby Names (courtesy of Spam)

Peter and I have been chatting quite a bit about names for the new little one. We’ve come up with a whole list of names we aren’t keen on and a fairly short names that are still in the running. None of them seem perfect to us yet, I think we’ll have to see the little face first before we make a decision.

Having exhausted the baby name books at the library and the scads of name websites I thought I’d look for some new inspiration. Here are the first 20 names I just found in my email’s Spam folder. Add Wood to the end and let me know if you think any are ‘just right’! Enjoy.

Curtis Hart
Dudley Reid
Elma Engle
Virginia Holden
Raymond Knight
Leah McQueen
Darcy Mcghee
Helena Burkett
Harry Golden
Liza Arthur
Avis Pereira
Eldon Mayo
Pamela Bragg
Sharon Carney
Christi Zamora
Doug Cody
Bianca Teague
Darcel Burgos
Irvin Cocoran
Nanette Clement

5 thoughts on “Baby Names (courtesy of Spam)

  1. jennifair

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What a brilliant idea!

    I like Dudley Reid… but it’s a little too Dudley Dursley.
    Bianca Teague is nice, though.

    Well – if you’re at a loss as to what to name that sweet one, you certainly have a plethora of choices in your spam-mail!


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