Here we are at the end of day 40+3. I’m still pregnant, but not as pregnant as I’ve ever been; Catherine came at 40+5. Baby seems pretty comfortable for the time being.

Life continues on. I’ve continued to add and cross things off of my master “before the baby” list. Most of these things are little housey projects like “fix the doorbell” (which turned into “replace the doorbell”) and “clean the oven”. But there are also baby related items as well- “pack for hospital” (partially finished) and “convert top of bureau and top drawer into changing table and baby drawer” (done!)

I also keep a day to day list going as well. This is much smaller and has items like “empty dishwasher”, “email so and so” and, if I’m feeling ambitious, “go to library”. I like crossing things off these little lists- it makes me feel accomplished!


We had a lovely snowstorm here last night and today. I’d say we got 10-12 inches of nice white snow. I stayed inside and enjoyed the view while Catherine and Peter went out and shoveled and played. They were awfully cute out there. All the pics from their frolicking are here.

I’ve been surrounded by baby news lately. So many women I know have just had or are expecting little ones! I love hearing their news and sharing stories of our experiences with them. Congratulations to (and I hope I don’t leave anyone out!) Andrea, Shirpa, Heather, Leanne, Deanna, Meaghan, Angelique, Megan, Laurel, Lisa, Marisa, and Trisha!

Now I’m just rambling… what would you all like to talk about?

4 thoughts on “40+3

  1. Ken

    That picture is just what I needed to see tonight. I had a tooth pulled today (the dentist couldn’t get it all out, so I had to drive an hour away to an oral surgeon to get the rest out) It’s like salve to a wound. Thank you!!
    You guys are in our prayers!

  2. Grandma Wood

    Catherine… our snow princess!
    I love her in the bright pink against the white snow.!
    Waiting patiently for news of Baby #2!
    Love and prayers!

  3. Heather Neuharth

    hang in there, Rebecca – you are doing a GREAT job, and are almost there. You too, Peter! Pat on the back to both of you.

    I keep sneaking peeks at Peter’s Is the Wood Baby #2 Here yet? website! It is silly and wonderfully helpful.

    Thanks for the congrats. Love, Heather and the baby

  4. Jenny R.

    Keep hanging in there! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Baby Wood #2 comes before more snow!! 😀


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