All boarding the Ark…

In my old blog I had written about the upcoming movie, Russian Ark. It is now being released in limited venues around the country. Tonight, Becky and I are going to see it at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge! Our tickets are secured, and I’m psyched. This film got a four-star review from the Boston Globe, as well as countless other raves and accolades. The movie follows the tale of a contemporary cinematographer who is transported 300 years into Russia’s past. He is able to walk around the Hermitage Museum and observe various events in Russian history. What is supposed to be truly amazing about the movie is that it was shot in one single continuous take. The camera simply wanders around the museum, from one setting to another. 2000 actors, 3 live orchestras, several months of rehearsal… promises to be VERY cool.

We’ll let you know how it turns out. 🙂

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