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Stairs Project- Finished Product

A couple weeks ago I posted a photo of our staircase in the midst of getting refreshed. After lots of hard work (by Dad) and lots of grueling paint color decisions (by me), the stairs and entry way to our second floor look amazing and new and not a whole lot like they did before.

Some notes:

The walls are now a very light cream- “not too yellow” as I told Dad as he went off to get the paint.

We went darker with the trim and stair color, a mossy green. The grayish blue was too light and dingy!

The dark brown stair treads are just nice to look at! We’re still on the look out for the right kind of tread covers.

After lots of thought, I decided we should leave the horrid paneling. It is in really good condition, for starters, and It doesn’t collect small people handprints or scuffs from bags and gear hitting it on their way up.

The floor a the base of the stars was some kind of wood-look vinyl tile and it was awful. Dad expertly laid in some awesome slate tiles. They’re gorgeous!

The bannister and the hardwood floor in the upstairs hall both got a nice sanding and new refinishing.

So, in short, in the words of Carley Rae, “I really, really, really, really, really like” our new stairs!

For the full album of photos, click here!


It was a lovely night for music tonight at our church’s open music night. Sandwiched in between a folksy group and a blues band was Peter on solo cello. He played an eclectic mix of music- from classical to pop to Sesame Street and other things in between.


These two have always gotten along very well, but lately there has been a new sense of camaraderie showing itself.

Not all the time, not on all projects. But definitely more often than not!


I am very much thankful for the chance to study the Word in an intentional way at Alpha this Lenten season. The conversations and deeper community building are a lovely bonus!

Birthday Bolero

Last night’s knitting frenzy led to this lovely little article. I added buttons this morning, just in time for an afternoon birthday party. I think it is one of my favorite knitting projects to date.

The pattern itself was a bit tricky. It wasn’t a breezy, “watch tv and knit mindlessly” kind of pattern, but it was easy enough to follow and had some great tricks and structures to it. I love the way the sleeves came out and the broken rib stitch pattern on the body. Over all, just a brilliant, adorable little knit. I know there will be more coming off my needles now that I’ve gotten the hang of it!

[Ravelry link, for those so inclined]