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Today we met up with my cousins Mark and Kim, Aunt Joan and Uncle Errol in Cambridge. Kim is back in the States for vacation, so we wanted to get together before the holidays got too crazy!

The crew
The crew back at Mark’s place

We went out for lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and then headed over to Mark’s place to hang out for a while. It was nice to see everyone, and to see Mark’s apartment again now that he has actual furniture. 🙂

More pics from the day here.

Rebecca’s Book

You know how scientists, thinkers, and inventors of old (and probably of new) had those notebooks where they would write all of their ideas, plans, formulas, etc? Well, my wife has a book just like that. I think it’s pretty cool, so I wanted to share some photos of it:

The Book

Instead of drawings of water screws or flying machines, Rebecca’s book contains drawings of craft and interior decorating ideas, lists and plans for parties, and other random musings. Lovingly hand-inscribed with pencil, Rebecca’s notebook is an inspiration to me. To be more thoughtful, plan better, and get all of my ideas down somewhere.

You can see more pictures of the book.

A Meager Harvest

I learned some good gardening lessons during my first growing season. Top of the list: Don’t plant your garden (almost) directly underneath the dryer vent. Duh.

I was able to enjoy a few handfuls of green beans and sweet peas over the course of the summer. And I got a couple bunches of cosmos that bloomed beautifully. The green peppers and spinach were totally strangled by the cosmos and the pumpkins and squash were nuked by the dryer exhaust.

The carrots didn’t do too badly. Since I’m an optimist I’ll say that we got a great harvest of “baby carrots”. Those are practically a delicacy, right? They are almost too cute to eat!

Carrot Harvest

All in all, not too bad. Due to our travels the garden didn’t get planted until late in the season and I probably didn’t water and weed it as much as I should have. We’ll give it another try next year!

[edit] I cleaned up the carrots, steamed them, and we ate them whole with dinner. YUM!

Keeping Warm the Earth Friendly Way

Here it is November 5th and the Wood family has yet to fire up the furnace. I had set a goal not to use the heat until October was over, but now it is a game to see how long we can go without it (and without the high heating bill!) We know that eventually it will get too cold and we’ll be happy to turn the heat on. Until then, though, here are some things that we’ve been doing to keep warm as the temperature starts to dip.

  • wearing socks and slippers
  • wearing sweaters
  • drinking hot tea and cocoa
  • eating soup
  • exercising (tai bo, neighborhood walks, ddr)
  • yard work
  • opening the shades to the morning sun
  • shutting the windows and doors up tight
  • putting flannel sheets on the bed
  • curling up with blankets to read or watch tv

All of these things are helping us to conserve natural resources. We’re using what we have on hand to keep warm instead of burning natural gas. And as an added bonus, the exercise and yard work have their own distinct benefits as well.

What are your favorite ways to keep warm?