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one hundred and fifty one

I was working on a few little sewing projects today when I had an idea for this little skirt. It was made from some shirts I received on Freecyle that didn’t suit me.

Without much thinking or planning I jumped into the skirt making, and while I do love the final result, I wish I had spent more time making it. I look at it and can see several things I would have done differently or things that would make it look a bit more polished.

Next time I’ll learn from my mistake and I’ll slow down and think ahead.

On the plus side, Esme loves it!

Jurassic Waiting Room

one hundred and forty nine

The girls were thrilled to find that a viewfinder had been added to the collection of kid’s things in our dentist’s waiting room.

They were also thrilled to discover that the viewfinder discs all contained images from Jurassic Park.

20 year old toy, for the win!


one hundred and forty eight

Our new tent (free thanks to Swagbucks*) arrived last week. Today, we finally had a chance to check it out. Both girls helped me pitch it but were quickly distracted by the boxes it came with.

With boxes that cool who could blame them?

*If you’re interested in trying out Swagbucks, leave me a comment and I can hook you up with a referral link!


one hundred and forty six

Things done on the day you turned seven:

*Woke up on Martha’s Vineyard
*Ate scrambled eggs and worked on drawings
*Made cupcakes
*Walked to the Reliable to buy bologna for lunch
*Ate said bologna for lunch
*Received a Letterboxing kit
*Tried to find the box, but found cool white rocks instead
*Rode the large horse on the Flying Horses for the first time
*Frosted and decorated cupcakes
*Hiked at Cedar Tree Neck and found two letterboxes
*Grilled and ate hamburgers and hotdogs
*Had a birthday photo shoot
*Celebrated with cupcakes and singing
*Reluctantly fell asleep after reading Dr Seuss with Grandpa

Happy seventh birthday, my sweet Catherine Elinor. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you! Keep smiling and playing your favorite video game!

[photo credit: Peter R Wood]

Sewing with Blon

one hundred and forty four

There is only so much packing and moving a girl can do without a little creative activity. I am so glad I kept my sewing supplies right by the door of our storage unit.

During today’s rainy afternoon I set up shop at the kitchen table and got to sewing. I just learned how to sew a buttonhole with a machine, and was excited to give it a try. Catherine gained herself a new nightgown from one of Peter’s old t-shirts and I refashioned a RedSox dress for Esme from another couple of old shirts.

I keep the computer near by for inspiration and tutorials, but also for a little entertainment. I’ve found that shows or movies that I’ve seen more than once are perfect. I don’t need to pay too much attention, but can follow the plot and tune in during the best parts.

Today’s show of choice brought Blon Fel-Fatch Passameer-Day Slitheen to our cottage, direct from Raxicocoricofalapatorious. The Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack and Mickey the Idiot stopped by as well. Perfect!

Two hours at Chipotle

one hundred and forty two

All day I have been looking forward to a dinner date with my dear, sweet friend Bethany. (Hi Beth!!) And all day long I have thought to myself, “don’t worry about a photo for today. You can take one with Beth tonight and it will be perfect!”

But, I didn’t.

Instead we sat and ate and caught up on each other’s lives. We swapped old stories and talked British tv. We joked and laughed and refilled our drinks and talked some more. Soul searching and house searching and family and “how could those people leave without clearing their table!” A little of this and a little of that and before we knew it two hours had passed. As is often the case, I left our outing with a happy heart and sore smiling muscles!

By the time I remembered that I had wanted to take a photo I was following her car on the road home. Not the picture I was intending to commemorate the evening, but after such a lovely evening, I find that I don’t mind one bit!