Monthly Archives: September 2009


As if out of nowhere Catherine has learned to draw people. I know that I didn’t coach her, as I can only draw stick people! I realize that I’m her Mama and all, but I’m pretty amazed by her sudden talent.

Here’s a nice drawing of Papa (This was the first of her people to have legs)

And here is one of just the girls. I really love that Catherine remembered to add Esme’s two little teeth! And I’m coming to terms with being seen as a potato with two eyes and no limbs!
Esme is up top, Catherine is hanging out on the right and Mama-spud is down at the bottom.

August on Martha’s Vineyard

(No, not with the Obamas!)

Catherine and Esme and I spent a week on MV with my parents in August. We had a great time, Esme enjoyed her first Illumination and Fireworks, spent time at the beach and the Flying Horses and the Farmer’s Market. Esme may also be the only person I know who has a friend that is almost exactly 101 years older than her. Wow!

Here’s a few pictures and you can check out the rest of the group here.