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Side Trip to the Falls

If there is one thing I do in my spare time it is dream up fantastic travel plans, big trips and side trips alike, that I will likely never have the opportunity to go on. Even when we do travel I often have two or three ideas for detours or interesting things to see (over and above the awesome things we’ve already planned). Very, very rarely are we able to fit in my extra stops, mainly due to time or money or kids or any other number of reasons.

Today was one of those lucky days when my wild scheme of an idea got put into action. We woke, dressed and left our mid-NY hotel room by 7am and zipped our way to the American side of Niagara Falls. The $10 we paid to park was a good investment to the State Park and was well worth it for our hour’s stay on the river’s edge.

Everything was glazed over with ice capped snow, thanks to the spray from the falls, and the whiteness was almost blinding. We wandered the snowy paths near the water, along with a couple bus loads of tourists and some other, heavily dressed, families.

Our views weren’t as impressive as the photos of “Frozen Niagara” that are all over the internet, but it was still amazing to see the snow and ice. And still more awesome that my quirky, ‘squeeze in a little side trip’ idea actually worked out for once!

Road Trip Entertainment

“The human bean,” the Giant went on, “is coming in dillions of different flavours. For instance, human beans from Wales is tasting very whooshey of fish. There is something very fishy about Wales.”

“You mean whales,” Sophie said. “Wales is something quite different.”

“Wales is whales,” the Giant said. “Don’t gobblefunk around with words. I will now give you another example. Human beans from Jersey has a most disgustable woolly tickle on the tongue,” the Giant said. “Human beans from Jersey is tasting of cardigans.”

“You mean jerseys,” Sophie said.

“You are once again gobblefunking!” the Giant shouted. “Don’t do it! This is a serious and snitching subject.

Doll Skirt in 5 Minutes or Less

While I was trying to do a million other things today, Catherine was begging me to make some new clothes for her doll, Lily. Moments like this are exactly why I hold on to the undamaged bottoms of my jeans legs even when the rest of the pants have breathed their last.

With one cut of the scissors, one seam and a length of elastic I was able to whip up a brand new skirt AND satisfy one 8 year old’s desperate need for doll clothes. At least for now!

{any resemblance between this doll and any Duggar daughter is completely coincidental!}


These movie makers were working in full force today. Animals, dolls, costumes, sound effects, and vague plot lines were all liberally employed.

If the quality of their films is directly proportional to the amount of giggling than they will definitely win awards. {I’m afraid the opposite might be true, however!}


We did a little bit of babysitting today. Catherine experienced the pure bliss of having a baby fall asleep in your lap and Esme had a grand old time playing with her old toys and sharing some favorite old shows.

I hope you had as much fun as World World and Bristle Blocks today!


And yet, in the midst of this snow filled winter, there is warmth and light and community.

All the lumberjacks of the North Shore, the actual and the ones dressed to fit, gathered at the Peabody Essex Museum this evening. We wielded axes, used the best manscaping kit for our beards, watched lumberjacks compete and even got to try our hand at the cross cut saw. We took in art about trees, danced to the bluegrass punk music of Tigerman Woah, and enjoyed the company of friends.

It was a late night for the girls, and they barely complained as they stumbled into bed, but it is events like this that make me grateful for our flexible lifestyle. I love that we can join with such a varied collection of people and that these kids handle themselves so well in adult company.

Catherine stood and watched the crosscutting for a long time. She hemmed and hawed about giving it a try. She watched the line get longer, and then shorter again as the crowd dispersed. And, all on her own, without pressure from us, she decided to give it a try. She came back to me with a big smile, which I returned, not because she did well with the saw, but because she was true to herself and honored her feelings, but ultimately took the risk. Well done, LumberGirl!