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VDNKh and Kolomenskoe

fff|ggg|russia_featured_photos/P1010674|Space Obelisk|ggg
ggg|russia_featured_photos/P1010709|Church of our Lady of Kazan|ggg|fff

Today’s featured photos are the Space Obelisk from VDNKh (aka VVTs aka All-Russian Exhibition Center), and detail from a dome on Church of Our Lady of Kazan, Kolomenskoe.

Tonight we’re taking a train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg (or simply “Piter” as the locals call it). We probably won’t be online while we’re there, so you’ll have to wait until we get back to Moscow on May 4 before we’re able to post more. Da svidaniya!

Convents and Pirouettes

fff|ggg|russia_featured_photos/P1010654|Church at the Novodevichiy Convent|ggg
ggg|russia_featured_photos/P1010666|Tzar’s Box at the Bolshoi|ggg|fff

Today’s featured photos are a detail from one of the churches at the Novodevichiy convent in Moscow, and a view of the Tzar’s Box at the Bolshoi Theater. Kim treated us to an evening of ballet at the Bolshoi, where the featured performance was “Notre Dame de Paris”, aka, The Hunchback of Notre Dame with Modern Dance.

The Kremlin

fff|ggg|russia_featured_photos/P1010538|Becky in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral|ggg
ggg|russia_featured_photos/P1010521_edited|Guard at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier,
outside the Kremlin wall|ggg|fff

Today’s featured photos come from our visits to the Kremlin and Red Square. The first is St. Basil’s Cathedral (with Becky!). The second is a soldier guarding the Grave of the Unknown just outside of the Kremlin wall. Enjoy!



Today’s featured photo is of the headquarters of ***ITAR-TASS|***, Russia’s state-run news agency. Enjoy!

We’re here!

We have arrived safely in Moscow, Russia! Our plane touched down right on schedule at 11:20 a.m. Moscow time (3:20 a.m. EDT). The only minor trouble we had was at passport control, where the name change on Becky’s passport confused the Russian immigration officials. But after consulting with a number of other officials, they decided to give her the stamp. 🙂

Kim’s friend Misha met us at the airport and drove us in to Moscow center… lots of traffic and smog, but also lots of wonderful and beautiful sights.

More updates later, but now we have to get acquainted with our surroundings and get the heck out there and explore this place! 🙂

P.S. It is currently 2:08 PM Moscow time, 6:08 AM EDT.

Get on with it!

I think Becky and I were just a little too prepared for this trip. We’ve been sitting around at home for a few hours now trying to think of things to do before we leave, and there’s really nothing left for us to do! I think we’ll be leaving in a few minutes so that we can eat our last Taco Bell meal for the next 11 days, on our way to the airport. Our flight doesn’t leave until 3:30, so we’ll have plenty of time.

I’m guessing this will be the last post until we arrive in Moscow, which will be at 11:35 a.m. Tuesday, Moscow time, 3:35 a.m. Tuesday, Boston time. So until then – da svidaniya!

Pack it up!

Today: Ran errands and purchased a few random things to take on the trip. Got a pocket-sized Russian phrasebook/dictionary. Very handy, since we haven’t exactly mastered the Russian language.

Tonight: Met my Aunt Joan, my cousin Mark, and Mark’s girlfriend Ethel for dinner. Joan brought along some things for us to bring over to Kim. When we got home, we started arranging things in our suitcases, and it looks like we’re in pretty good shape! We each have one medium-sized suitcase for clothes and gifts, plus one carry-on backpack each. Not bad at all.

Tomorrow: Becky has to work. I’ll be at home doing some house cleaning, as well as squaring away a few last minute details. In the evening we’ll be meeting Becky’s parents for dinner.

Monday: A few final preparations, and then an afternoon departure!!!

Stay tuned to our website for updates before, during, and after the trip… I’ve set up a easy URL so that you can jump straight to the “Russia” category: ***|***. Enjoy!

Happy Earth Day!

fff|ggg|craterlake/DSCN2839|Crater Lake|ggg
Crater Lake
ggg|imp_face_trail/IMG_9678|Presidential Range|ggg
Presidential Range|fff

In celebration of Earth Day, I’d like to highlight some of our photo galleries that showcase the Earth’s natural beauty.

***Niagara Falls, Canada|***
***Multnomah Falls, Oregon|***
***Crater Lake, Oregon|***
***Mount Hood, Oregon|***
***Oregon coast|***
***Muir Woods and Old Faithful, California|***
***Mount Greylock, Massachusetts|***
***Imp Face Trail/Presidential Range, New Hampshire|***
***World’s End, Massachusetts|***
***Blue Hills, Massachusetts|***
***Bradley-Palmer State Park, Massachusetts|***
***Whales of Stellwagen Bank|***


***James|*** has a ***nice Earth Day post|*** with some great observations and suggestions on how to help out our planet. You can also read some of our ***previous|*** ***posts|*** on ***environmentalism|***.

We’re Back

Apologies to all of our readers and all of the folks who read other sites on Due to a overzealous system administrator (me), our server got a bit screwed up last night. But the good people at TekTonic were able to help get things back up and running, so kudos to them.

If you didn’t happen to see it, I’ve set up an off-site “status” blog. In the event that our site goes down, I’ll set up any requests for to be redirected to ***|***. (Hopefully Blogger will be up…)

I also plan to use that blog in general to make notes about site maintenance, etc, so if you’re a regular reader or a user of another subdomain, and something seems to be wonky, or if you’re just bored and want to see if I’m doing anything, head over to

Thanks, and have a nice day.

Thesaurus, anyone?

One of the benefits of working out at the gym in the morning is that I get to catch the news on five different channels…all at the same time! It is interesting to compare the headlines and the order in which they air many of the same stories.

Today, of course, one of the main stories was the Conclave at the Vatican. Having never witnessed the process of determining a new Pope, I find these stories to be very interesing. I do, however, have some issues with the headlines that the stations have been airing with their stories.

This morning both CNN and Boston Channel 7 were both using the headline “Picking the Pope.” This just seems irreverent to me. Couldn’t these news station find a better alternative to ‘picking’? Off the top of my head I’ve got a few: selecting, choosing, determining…

Or better yet, why not use those “title” headlines that are so popular, like “Decision 05” or “Conclave 266”. I think maybe the writers should keep a thesaurus handy.

Remember… you can pick the Pope, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick the Pope’s nose!