We’re Back

Apologies to all of our readers and all of the folks who read other sites on prwdot.org. Due to a overzealous system administrator (me), our server got a bit screwed up last night. But the good people at TekTonic were able to help get things back up and running, so kudos to them.

If you didn’t happen to see it, I’ve set up an off-site “status” blog. In the event that our site goes down, I’ll set up any requests for prwdot.org to be redirected to ***http://prwdot.blogspot.com/|http://prwdot.blogspot.com/***. (Hopefully Blogger will be up…)

I also plan to use that blog in general to make notes about site maintenance, etc, so if you’re a regular reader or a user of another prwdot.org subdomain, and something seems to be wonky, or if you’re just bored and want to see if I’m doing anything, head over to prwdot.blogspot.com.

Thanks, and have a nice day.

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