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Technical Difficulties

Since Friday, February 23, we’ve had some technical difficulties with the domain which may have prevented people from sending us email or visiting our website (or any other website in the domain). If you are reading this message, then for you the problem has already been fixed (at least on the computer and internet connection you are using at the moment). For others, our site may be inaccessible until as late as Saturday, March 3. If you wouldn’t mind, please leave a comment on this post letting me know that you were able to read it, so that I know who is once again able to visit our site.

If you’d like a more technical explanation, read on.

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Momma and Catherine together again…

on another whirlwind adventure!

fff|ppp|Off on an adventure!|ppp|fff

I had a few errands to run around town today. I thought about bundling Catherine up and hopping in the car and zipping out to get them done. Then I came to my senses! With the time it would take to get the baby in and out of the car at each stop–never mind the hassle of finding parking–I would be out all afternoon! And what a waste of gas!

I decided the best plan would be to walk. So I packed up the things we’d need to take with us, fed and bundled Catherine and grabbed a coat. I checked the outside temperature and quickly swapped my warm, puffy coat for my spring windbreaker! I popped Catherine in the Back pack and we were ready to go!
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I was tagged by my friend Katie to post six weird things about me. Here goes!

1. I check the mail obsessively. If I go out and it hasn’t come yet I will listen for the mail truck and then run out as soon as I’m sure the mail lady has moved up the street. Usually there’s nothing good…unless Jennifer has sent something!

2. I name my cars…”Otto Marius Ahenobarbus”: Red 1984 Saab, “Hedwig”: White 1998 Subaru, “Stewart”: Green Volkswagen Golf.

3. I think Purell is evil. (except in certain instances)

4. I love to shovel snow. This winter has been such a disappointment!

5. Peter and I grew up several states apart and didn’t meet until college…but I went to high school with his first cousins!

6. I’ve seen every episode of ER… probably twice.

I’m tagging:Jennifer, Bethany Joy, Amanda and Jenny


What She Saw in… by Lucinda Rosenfeld

The full title of this novel is What She Saw In Rogermancuso, Gunter Hopstock, Jason Barry Gold, Spitty Clark, Jack Geezo, Humphrey Fung, Claude Duvet, Bruce Bledstone, Kevin McFeeley, Arnold Allen, Pablo Miles, Anonymous 1-4, Nobody 5-8, Neil Schmertz and Bo Pierce. Any guesses as to what it is about?

What She Saw In… was a frustrating read for me because I was constantly annoyed with Phoebe, the protagonist. Her self destructive attitude led her to meaningless relationships that, hard as she may have tried, never satisfied her. Each encounter left her questioning who she was and how she lived.

Not having ever been a serial dater, I was unable to identify with Phoebe; or even know if Rosenfeld painted an acurate portrait of this kind of life. I found myself alternately saddened and disgusted by her lifestyle. It was an enlightening look into a life vastly different than my own.

The writing was young and fresh, the story slightly engaging but overall not a bad read.


fff|ppp|Ruffle Sweater|ppp|fff

I haven’t knit very many things for Catherine. Partially because I’m a busy momma-on the go; partially because she has very generous people in her life and has been well provided for.

I had some nice warm wool yarn left over from other projects and a great pattern (from my Great-Aunt Emeline) so I buckled down and started a little sweater. It was a quick knit and was done “in the round” so I didn’t have to sew any seams. Fantastic!

The ruffles were my idea…next time around I’ll remember to make the torso and arms longer to account for the way the ruffles lie. For now she’ll have to deal with the sweater being a little bit too short!