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Throughout my life I have always felt torn between tradition and adventure.

I love the comfort and reliability of tradition. I love knowing what to expect. I love looking back and marking time by the familiar rhythm of certain annual rituals.

And yet, I love the spontaneous adventures that come from breaking from ritual. I love the new experiences that tradition can hinder. I love the strong memories that are born from doing something markedly different from every other year.

This year’s Easter held a little bit of ceremony and ritual and a little bit of adventure. A touch of tradition and a dash of the irregular. And it was lovely.


eighty seven

[money handling]
[reading comprehension]
[body control]
[instruction following]

…things we practiced today, without even trying.

Role Model

eighty five

In the interest of fairness and honesty, I would like to set the record straight here. My children are not the only ones in the house who start projects, make big messes and then throw their hands up and say, “I think I’ll just deal with that for tomorrow!”

Sunday Shenanigans

eighty three

Esme and her sweet friend Samara took their after church snack and settled in underneath the tables. I asked Esme later what they were talking about: “Food, jokes and secrets!”

Ahh, the secrets of four year olds!

Achievement Unlocked

eighty two

I am usually very hesitant to discuss my exercise habits and routines. It can be discouraging to talk about a practice that isn’t helping me make health strides at the pace of “the Biggest Loser”.

Since New Year’s I have set out some routines and goals for myself. Despite the 5:15 wake up, I have been faithfully swimming two miles a week, (one mile on two days) and running/walking on the treadmill 2 miles, and currently looking for Martial Arts Near Me since I want to get into the sport. M/W/F. I also do some Leslie Sansone videos and skate and hike with the girls during the week.

My first goal on the treadmill was to finish the two miles in 30 minutes flat. That isn’t anything a runner would write home about, but when I hit that goal today (with 1 minute 40sec left over!) I was beaming from ear to ear. There is something about measurable, achievable goals that make a person feel fantastic!

Runners: Do you have a favorite running album or favorite playlist of songs? I’d love suggestions. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack from Slumdog Millionaire and it is great, but it would be nice to change it up once and awhile!