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Summer Road Trip 2009: Part 1: Weddings

The Wood family headed out on the road once again in mid July on an 11 day, 7 state road trip. Along with seeing new sights and having lots of family time, we were looking forward to the joy of celebrating two weddings.

My dear friend and college apartment-mate, Jennifer and her betrothed, Matthew, were married on July 19th at a cute little church in Harriman State Park in New York. I was honored to be the Matron of Honor and had a wonderful weekend preparing for and celebrating Jenn’s wedding! The weather cooperated nicely (though I did get a wee sunburn), the band was so fun, and the bride and groom couldn’t have been happier. May their marriage be as beautiful as their wedding! (hear, hear!)

Less than a week later our friend Will and his 1st grade crush, Michelle, tied the knot. We attended the wedding with Grandma and Grandpa Wood and we all enjoyed seeing the beautiful interior of St. Vincent de Paul Church for the first time. There were bubbles and chocolates to satisfy the 3 year olds in all of us and Will and Michelle’s story was a beautiful reminder of how God works in our lives. We may have to wait 20some-odd years to know the true importance of the relationships we start today. Many congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Farnham!

[galleries from the Bresnan/Liddle wedding] 1 2 3
[galleries from the Maloney/Farnham wedding] 1 2

Stay tuned for Part 2: Visiting with Family and Friends

First and Fourth Fourth

Esme celebrated her first Fourth of July today, decked out in her new, Mama-made, Star Spangled Romper. We didn’t get any great pictures of the whole outfit, but who cares when you can see a great smile like this

It was the fourth Fourth for big sister Catherine. She and Nonnie decorated her bike and marched in the MVCMA kids parade.

The rest of our day was spent at the West Tisbury Farmers Market (where we met the Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown and drank yummy Limeade) splashing in the ocean, eating delicious grilled corn on the cob and otherwise generally enjoying the freedoms we have as Americans. Happy Fourth, whichever number it is for you!

Sewing Patterns Courtesy of Freecycle

What is the first thing a gal should do when faced with five boxes of sewing patterns? Take pictures and post them, threadbared style, on her blog, of course!

Some that I’m keeping:

There are some really cute kids patterns. I love the simple lines of these little dresses and rompers! One of them is already in the works. Pics are soon to follow.

Some that I’m not:

Holy shoulder pads, Batman! And I’m pretty sure that’s Meg Ryan from the later portions of “French Kiss” there in the yellow pants. Not the yellow pantsuit. I think Meg had better sense than that!

Of special note:

That’s right, folks, a Snuggie. Or at least it’s older cousin.

Check out a bunch more here.