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One, err several, steps closer…

…to a finished downstairs!

Being completely crippled in the painting department by a curious and mobile toddler during the week I put my nose to the grindstone last weekend and finished the paint job on the staircase. Peter was dutifully employed keeping Catherine’s hands and hair out of the wet paint!

With the walls and the trim painted the knee wall blends into the room much better and the staircase as a whole actually looks like a completed project. I love having projects finished and bundled up so this feels great. Now on to finishing the rooms downstairs!

Here are a couple pictures to give you a feel for the new addition:

knee wall 


20 Months

Catherine is 20 months old today! I thought we’d celebrate with this photo that Rebecca took yesterday while they were on a walk around the neighborhood:

Catherine the snow bunny

You can see some more photos from that shoot in [Catherine and the Snow](

Speaking of pictures, there are a few more albums of Catherine pictures that we’ve added to the gallery recently, but haven’t yet blogged about:

* Having fun with me [learning to use the camera on a tripod](
* With [braids in her hair](, thanks to Momma.
* [Watching for me in the window]( as I arrive home from work.
* [Trying out her shopping cart]( Canned food, anyone?

What does she need us for, anyway?

The other evening, Catherine, our almost-20-month-old daughter, went to the pantry, pulled a box of crackers off of the shelf, brought it out into the living room, climbed up into her high chair, sat down, and helped herself to a snack.

Technology Marches On

First off, I’d like to offer my congratulations to our friends [Jeremy and Angela]( on the official [start of their new computer business, TrueTech]( I wish them well in their endeavor!

Although we haven’t built anything as massive as [the Biggses new HTPC](, technology still marches on here in the Wood household.

Like a lot of startups, choosing best digital menus by Enplug is home-brewed, but what’s unusual about Enplug is that all 11 team members call the same place “home.”

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29 years of BecTasticism

Happy birthday to the best wife a man could hope for, and the best momma a girl could want. Here’s to the woman who keeps the house running smoothly, keeps the kid happy, and keeps us lean, mean and green.

Becky polys the stairs

And let’s not forget, the one who did a killer job polyurethaning (is that a verb?) our stairs! I love you!

Travel Journal

For our first anniversary, October 26, 2003, Jennifer gifted us with the traditional first anniversary gift; paper. It came in the form of a spiral bound travel journal. We got off to a slow start with only a couple of entries until the spring of 2005 when the posting took off with our trip to Russia. Since then we’ve faithfully recorded our travels, large and small. Our most recent trip to Ohio gave us enough material to fill the last remaining pages.


The book is a hybrid journal and scrapbook of sorts. It includes narratives of our journeys (often with mileage notes and time markers) as well as having brochures, napkins, photos and ticket stubs pasted in. While I am the primary note taker, Peter has chimed in with his perspective from time to time. Even Catherine has made her mark in the book. Our entries are full of misspellings and grammatical mistakes (due to hastiness while trying to record everything) and poor penmanship (due to writing in moving vehicles).

I love looking back through the pages and reliving the memories that we’ve made over the past four years. We’ve been to Ohio, Russia, Canada, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, and a ton of places in between. We’re looking forward to finding a new journal and filling it with even more memories in the coming years. I wonder if my grand children and great grandchildren will have as much fun reading about our adventures as we have had living them.

More pictures are here: Travel Journal Album