20 Months

Catherine is 20 months old today! I thought we’d celebrate with this photo that Rebecca took yesterday while they were on a walk around the neighborhood:

Catherine the snow bunny

You can see some more photos from that shoot in [Catherine and the Snow](http://prwdot.org/gallery2/v/catherine_and_the_snow/).

Speaking of pictures, there are a few more albums of Catherine pictures that we’ve added to the gallery recently, but haven’t yet blogged about:

* Having fun with me [learning to use the camera on a tripod](http://prwdot.org/gallery2/v/fun_with_the_tripod/).
* With [braids in her hair](http://prwdot.org/gallery2/v/catherine_in_braids/), thanks to Momma.
* [Watching for me in the window](http://prwdot.org/gallery2/v/at_the_window/) as I arrive home from work.
* [Trying out her shopping cart](http://prwdot.org/gallery2/v/catherine_shopping_cart/). Canned food, anyone?

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