Monthly Archives: April 2013

Red Specs

one hundred and twenty

My very first pair of glasses were bright red. My fifth grade self thought they were pretty smashing. I don’t think I even knew who Sally Jesse Rafaele was until after I started wearing them!

I haven’t worn red glasses since, until yesterday. After a long search, in which I tried on scads of too big, too hip, too young, too wiry, too rhinestoned sunglasses, I found this sweet little red pair.

Turns out my fifth grade self and my now self have pretty similar taste in eyewear!

Trough of Yogurt*

one hundred and eighteen

These awesome yogurt places keep popping up around here. First Pinkberry, then Orange Leaf and now Zinga are all just a quick drive away. And they are an oh-so-tempting destination after pretty much any kind of day!

In general, I like these places. They have yummy flavors for the omnivores among us and often there’s a dairy free option for me! There are your run of the mill, bad for you toppings, but there are also berries and kiwi for the fruit lovers (ahem, me).

I favor the yogurt shops that let you dispense your own yogurt over the ones that do it for you, but I am increasingly turned off by the fact that the smallest cup size they offer is practically a bucket. I mean, look at Esme up there- if we let her fill her cup she’d be eating her weight in froyo!

We, of course, don’t let her fill her cup, and neither do Peter or I. I often find myself cursing the marketing genius that came up with the idea for the megacup. Especially when policing two kids with their hands on the yogurt machine handle. But, you know, it has turned into a good opportunity to talk about and model self control.

None of us needs a trough of yogurt to load with toppings. None of us needs to add each and every topping available. We can make the choice to take a small amount and a few select add ons to make it a treat…and it will cost less, too. It hasn’t been without some whining or grumping, but I do think the message is getting through.

As an added bonus, we’ve had some good discussions about why the cups are the size they are and why (and how) the chains try to trick us into taking more than we think we are. It’s a clever business model, but, by gum, my girls are not going to fall into their (delicious, yogurt filled) trap!

*as I overheard another Mom describe it, and may or may not have used the term myself.

Way Back

one hundred and sixteen

When you’re a kid, sometimes the best part of the day is when your Mama lets you ride, unbuckled, in the way back while she straightens the car out in the parking spot.

Planning and Plotting

one hundred and fifteen

My haul from the library this afternoon has a definite theme.

I am giddy over our plan to road trip three quarters of the way across the country this summer- Boston to Denver and many places in between! We’ll be packing up our (covered, but not in that way) wagon and heading west in just a couple of months. It would be an understatement to say that we are looking forward to the adventures that await us on the road, on the trail and wherever else our journey takes us!

Until we leave, I’ll be filling up my Road Trip
board on Pinterest and pouring over endless library books and maps trying to learn what I can and plan a budget friendly and awesome summer adventure.


one hundred and thirteen

I asked Catherine to dress herself. I’m not sure where she learned to accessorize, it certainly wasn’t from me!


one hundred and twelve

I returned home tonight to the church that I was born into. It is where I was baptized, brought up, confirmed and married.

But more than being welcomed back to the building, I was welcomed into the arms of an extraordinary, tight knit group of people. A circle of friends so close they should be called family. We kids grew up surrounded by love and laughter and faith and fun. There was a bond formed in my parents’ generation that holds through to the next, despite time and distance.

I am so thankful for the community that I was raised in. I love the village that supported each other through good times and bad times, through horrific times and celebratory times. I love the jokes and the jabs and the hugs and the reminiscing.

I long for, and truly hope for, that kind of community for my children as they grow.


one hundred and eleven

We had a lovely, mid afternoon game of Pictionary Jr with Nonni and Grandpa. I love how it is hard to tell which pictures the adults drew and which pictures Catherine drew!