Monthly Archives: April 2013

Not So Bad

one hundred and ten

I took the above pic at the end of my two mile run today. I had the intention to write about how I am so not one of those people who look good when they work out (and I go to a gym on a college campus, so I know that they do exist!).

But then I got home and look at the photo and I didn’t think it looked too bad!

My smile belies how I was actually feeling, however. The red glow is 90% exertion and 10% sunkissed. The streams of sweat wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t stinging the aforementioned, slightly sunburned skin! My breath was labored and my legs sore.

Despite it all, I find my treadmill experience to be holding steady- not too impressive, but I’m still alive at the end. And that’s about all I could ask for!


one hundred and eight

I have a lifelong love of swimming and I am thrilled to say that both our girls love the water as well. On any given day, if asked for their input, they will most likely suggest swimming. Indoors, outdoors, winter, summer, bathtub, ocean…you name it!

We’ve recently become a family of four independent swimmers, as Esme has shed her bubble. She was especially proud today to have both a) learned what a ‘lap’ is and b) swam one all on her own.


one hundred and six

The scooters were found at the end of a driveway with a ‘free’ sign hanging from them. They were already well loved a year ago when I pulled over and tossed them in the trunk. That hasn’t stopped the girls from treating them like BMWs.

Esme was so engaged in her scooter scrubbing that she didn’t even glance up as I opened the door and sat down on the steps to snap this photo.

In flux

one hundred and five

I tend to feel the push and pull of seasonal change fairly keenly. The ebb and flow of temperatures rising and falling; the changes in the earth and air. My psyche is jumbled by the false starts and hesitations of each new season.

Though we haven’t been skating for the past two weeks, our skate gear has remained in my car. I have been holding out hope that we might get there just one more time. Yesterday, the rink closed for the season. I have a bit of sadness that I didn’t get on the ice with my girls that last time, but I am glad for the finality.

Today, the skate gear got pulled from the car, skates were stored and the snow suits washed and dried. The helmets were returned to the bikes and I feel like I am one step further into welcoming spring fully.

In the coming days more laundry will be hung outside, hats and scarves will be collected up and bulky coats and boots will be moved away from the door. There will be room for sandals and sun hats again.

With fits and starts, our activities will start to favor the outdoors. We’ll try to remember what we did last spring. We will find our rhythm again or, more likely, we will make a new rhythm. It won’t come all at once, but it will come.


one hundred and three

I love my car. She’s not fancy and she’s not particularly good looking, but she gets the job done. One thing I have learned about her in the past six years is that she sure does love a ride on the back of a flatbed!

[disclaimer: there was no accident. no one was harmed or left abandoned on the side of the road. with any luck this won’t be too costly of a fix. thank goodness for AAA.]