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This whole chairful+ of bags came from the backseat of our dear old Volvo. They contain the traveling goods and collections of the girls. I think every square inch of that back seat was full of something, girl or otherwise!

I count myself lucky that I only had to ask and both girls cleared, bagged and unpacked the whole lot of it without my help!

Chocolate World

On our way through Pennsylvania today, our last long push toward home, we made a quick stop at Chocolate World in Hershey. We were lucky to find a parking spot as there was a huge auto show going on, but our timing was just right. And once we wound our way thought the line for the ‘factory tour’ ride we found that it had been updated since we were last here three years ago. How exciting!

The singing cows definitely still make our day!

Little Mountain

We almost passed by Monticello. The cost of admission for the three of us was well above any other activities we have done on this trip, by quite a bit. I tried to convince myself that we could come back anytime and visit then, but it kept calling to me. We were so close and thanks to Hamilton the girls have a particular and current interest and knowledge about Jefferson and his contemporaries. How could I not take the opportunity?

I am so, so glad we went. The weather was perfection and the grounds were spectacular. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and professional and completely charmed by Esme (as was the whole group of retirees we toured the house with). Catherine was fascinated by Jefferson’s collections and adaptations of technology in the house and I was just so happy to have an experience in my mind now to pair with what I know about Jefferson’s life.

We toured the house, walked the grounds and took the Slavery at Monticello tour. We did a drive by of his grave site, watched the site video and took selfies with his statue. It was completely worth the admission fee and I would, dare I say it, be willing to pay it again for another visit in the future.

The whole experience was excellent and both girls and I really learned quite a bit and enjoyed putting our Hamilton references into context. I highly recommend visiting Monticello to everyone, whether you are familiar with Jefferson or not.

Dancing with the Sisters

Several people have wondered, both before and during this trip, whether I thought the girls would get sick of each other, being in the backseat together for so long. With just a couple of days until we get home and after a marathon 12.5 hours of driving today, I can say that they are coping just fine. And, if anything, have developed more and different ways of being together.

I’m so in love with them.

Dancing with the stars, on the hotel TV has inspired them!