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Cross Section

A cross section model of the Car Rental Center at Logan Airport.

This was, quite literally, the best car renting experience I have ever had. The price, the service at Hertz, and the super cute car made it great, but I especially loved the location. It was a mini airport, just for rental cars! Check in counters, escalators, those fancy bathrooms with the labyrinth halls instead of doors and a huge garage full of cars. I felt like I was zipping away on a luxury vacation! That will definitely be one of the main goals in life for me, I have always dreamed of having many sport cars, I’d have to get a new car key for every one of them but I wouldn’t mind, of course that I’d have to be rich first but there is something about cars that has always caught my attention. For now, I’ll just stick to my mini van.

(note: I love airports in general, anyway, so a rental car pickup that is styled like an airport just takes the cake for me!)

(second note: For my birthday one year, Peter took me on a terminal tour from A-E at Logan. Not an official one, just us poking around. It was great. Just an example to show that I love airports. 🙂 )

Ringo Car

I had booked the smallest size car that Hertz had available for my weekend trip away. The woman at the counter listed off several car makes and models and asked which one I would like. I was only half listening because I didn’t really have a preference, until I heard Beetle. Yes, please. I’ll take that one!

Ringo and I had a lovely afternoon and evening drive. He’s a zippy little car and is far newer and nicer than my own, making for a very comfortable and quiet ride.

A Beetle isn’t quite the right car for our family’s needs at the moment, but I have been enjoying driving a fun little car for a change!

Beach Mystery

Today on the beach, Esme and I came across an interesting item. I had reached into a tide pool to pick up what I thought was a penny, but turned out to be a mussel shell filled with silicon (?). Inside the plasticky mussel was a button battery. Both the silicon and the battery had a capital H written in sharpie.

Does anyone know what this might be? We have tried coming up with theories, some more outlandish that others, but haven’t really though of anything truly plausible.

Here are the details:

Found on the rocky beach at the end of Front St in Marblehead, Ma on 5/29/15. Battery inside of silicon inside of a mussel shell inside of a soft rock/clay.

And here are a couple other photos. Feel free to share if you know of anyone who might know what’s this is all about!

[SME_gallery ids=’gCkBkWH,3kzhWRH,vPLJh7f,skhzV25′ size=’MediumURL’ columns=’2′ caption=” link=’Lightbox’ new=’Yes’]

Harbor Girl

I took this photo of Esme on the Jetty in Oak Bluffs into the sun and I knew that it was going to turn out dark, but she was just so cute. I figured I’d just delete it later.

Turns out, my phone has lots of interesting ways to manipulate photos. I scrolled through many of the standard options and found this one. It was really the only one that could lighten up her face and (kind of) fix my subpar photography.

I don’t usually have the time or interest in playing around with photo features but I really like how this one turned out.

Sand Channel

Having heard tales of first bridge channel being full of sand, we had to go and check it out. And full of sand it was!

For a comparison photo, check out this photo that I took during my first 365 photo project in 2013: Current

Winter storms and wind and currents over the past two years have filled the channel to a previously unseen level. There are plans to dredge it in the coming month and we are quite looking forward to current riding and swimming and exploring with the water restored.

Gay Head Light

We took a fantastic beach hike, today, with our lovely friend Melanie. In addition to seeing the cliffs from below (so cool!) we had no shortage of interesting sights and topics of conversation.

Things we saw or discussed:

A beautiful harbor seal, up on the beach

Several deceased birds

Balanced stone sculptures

Red and orange and white clay cliffs

Erosion, and its causes and effects

Birds nesting in little bird caves in the cliff face

An old shriveled up skate carcass

Peter took a bunch of photos. You can find them here!