Beach Mystery

Today on the beach, Esme and I came across an interesting item. I had reached into a tide pool to pick up what I thought was a penny, but turned out to be a mussel shell filled with silicon (?). Inside the plasticky mussel was a button battery. Both the silicon and the battery had a capital H written in sharpie.

Does anyone know what this might be? We have tried coming up with theories, some more outlandish that others, but haven’t really though of anything truly plausible.

Here are the details:

Found on the rocky beach at the end of Front St in Marblehead, Ma on 5/29/15. Battery inside of silicon inside of a mussel shell inside of a soft rock/clay.

And here are a couple other photos. Feel free to share if you know of anyone who might know what’s this is all about!

One thought on “Beach Mystery

  1. jpludlam

    I think it’s a science experiment. Looks like a thermocron i-button temperature logger. The silicon is probably waterproofing. Perhaps someone was studying the thermal environment for mussels and deployed the mussel temperature probes.


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