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three hundred and thirty four

It isn’t every day we are invited to a soft opening of a new restaurant! Peter has been chatting (via Facebook) with the owners of A&B Burgers, new here in Salem, and we had dinner there tonight on their first night of serving.

We really enjoyed ourselves. The atmosphere was casual, the food was delicious and dinner was topped off by some “marvelous milkshakes” (as the girls so eloquently phrased it).

The girls and Peter have praised the hamburgers and hot dogs and I really liked my Chickpea burger. I’m anxious to try the other vegan options on the menu as well.

Catherine filled out the survey for us at the end of our meal and she gave it top scores 🙂 Locals might know that it is a little tricky to find and parking can be hard to come by, but they’re definitely worth a try.

Card Making

three hundred and thirty three

My christmas card factory in a box. Tidy, portable and sturdy. I couldn’t ask for more!

{Though, I wouldn’t complain if it would address the envelopes, too!}

Churn on Wednesday

three hundred and thirty one

Can you think of any more fun activity for the day before Thanksgiving than making your own butter?

So many thanks to our friend Tara for hosting today’s butter making party! We had such a good time!

Catherine has declared it, “So.Amazingly.Fun!”


three hundred and twenty eight

After 11 years of marriage, $75 and one evening Craigslist pickup trip, we have ourselves our very first proper bed.

It seems such a luxury now to have a headboard and a footboard!

Book Table

three hundred and twenty six

This is the sixth year that I’ve run the used book table at our church fair. It is one week of intensive book sorting and setting, followed by five and a half hours of selling them. I love it!

If you’re local, come on down tomorrow for the Dane Street Church Holiday Fair– 10 Dane Street in Beverly.

Split Second Candid

three hundred and twenty five

I intended to post a photo today from our first visit to the new Hall of Human Life exhibit at the Museum of Science. We spent two whole hours exploring it and there is still more to see and learn. It was a great afternoon.

But as I was scrolling through todays photos I came across this gem. Esme had requested a group shot in front of “the man” at Chipotle. Noah grabbed her hair, with obvious great delight, and I was lucky enough to catch it.

Ever the professional when it comes to babies, she shrugged it off and moved on without missing a beat.