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three hundred and twenty three

It often seems like each new time we embark on a new project the girls bring to it new skills and abilities. While preparing our sewing project today, Esme took care of all the ironing.

She did a good job and it was very helpful- results that I still haven’t quite gotten used to!

Grandpa’s Apprentice

three hundred and twenty

I heard drilling in the hallway and, knowing that my dad was doing some work downstairs, I went into the staircase expecting to see him. Instead, I saw a seven year old in all her power tool glory.

Turns out she was a pretty big help 🙂

What we Watch Together

Now showing: The Supersizers Go… Ancient Rome.

This series is terribly fun. A British pair eat their way through England’s food history, one era at a time. Tonight it is Ancient Rome (Garum included!).

You can find both series of the show on


three hundred and seventeen

After a warm season away, we jumped back into the iciest of winter sports- skating.

Despite stellar achievements during last year’s skating season, our ice time got off to a rocky start. Slips, trips and “I don’t know if I remember how to do this-es’ filled our first fifteen or twenty minutes. They sputtered and started and bit by bit their muscles remembered what to do and as their heads got distracted they forgot to worry.

We’re looking forward to yet another winter of skating fun!

Problem Solving

three hundred and fifteen

One of the other moms brought Mancala to the park today. Unfortunately, the little marbles didn’t come along with the game. That didn’t phase Esme, though! She filled the little cups with tiny wood chips from the playground.

When a girl wants to play Mancala, she wants to play Mancala!