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three hundred and four

Reasons I loved Esme’s Halloween:

*She totally got into putting her costumes together.

*She was awesomely brave, even at the scariest houses.

*She had such enthusiasm handing out candy and helping with our Trunk or Treat game.

*She skipped from house to house with joy.

Reasons I loved Catherine’s Halloween:

*She committed to the cowboy boots, despite them being a)too big, b)high heeled and c)uncomfortable.

*She popped into our room when she heard the fireworks and really appreciated them (and appreciated that she got to watch them while Esme was sleeping).

*She absolutely owned her emotions while trick or treating- House too scary? No big deal, she just stayed on the sidewalk and didn’t mind foregoing the candy.


three hundred and two

One awesome perk of having your parents living downstairs? Reliving halloween creating fun from your childhood with your Dad and his mad cardboard cutting skills.

Raise your hand if you remember my “Front Door” costume!

An Audience

three hundred and one

The kids got a welcome surprise during our HS group’s park day today. The local fire department showed up to run a new engine through its paces. To quote our Esme, “This is just so awesome!”

What to Watch

Looking for some great things to watch while you wait for Doctor Who and Downton Abbey to come back on the air? Here are some of my personal recommendations:

If you love Downton Abbey you might like-

Bleak House (2005) [pictured above]- Lovely costume drama, lots of familiar faces, complicated Dickensian plots.

The Foryste Saga (2002)- Drama, dark plot, beautiful relationships (and not so beautiful).

North & South (2004)- Richard Armitage, miscommunications, strong female characters and Mr Bates.

Gosford Park (2000)- Written by Downton’s Julien Fellows, Dame Maggie, murder mystery, lots of upstairs and downstairs storylines.

If you’re a Whoovian you might enjoy-

Outcasts (2011)- Future human settlement on the planet of Carpathia, killer dust storms, Daniel Meade (minus Ugly Betty) and a beach full of diamonds.

Hyperdrive (2006)- Misfit, demoted British space warship travels the galaxy selling retail space back home in England. Hilarity ensues.

Merlin (2008)- Young magician hides his skills, takes advice from a dragon and serves as Prince Arthur’s whipping boy. Lots of wisecracks.

The Decoy Bride (2011)- Romantic comedy set in the outer Hebrides. The 10th Doctor and the voice of Brave’s Merida engage in a verbal sparring match. There are also bagpipes.

Agree? No? Have other suggestions? Leave a comment!

On the Landing

two hundred and ninety five

Until today, this landing at the top of the front stairs was a holding dock for unpacked boxes and other “where can I put this for now?” items from our move. I made a big-effort push to finish unpacking the last of the boxes today, and once I did it was clear that the space could be so much more useful.

I pillaged the other rooms in the house to furnish this little reading nook. A couple of chairs, a blanket, a plush friend…and a selection of books, carefully curated by Mama herself. What more could the girls need?

It’s a bit sparse at the moment and might get some redecorating down the road. Or it might not. Time will tell if this little spot is loved or forgotten. In either case, it is a whole lot nicer looking than a hallway full of boxes!