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Looking for some great things to watch while you wait for Doctor Who and Downton Abbey to come back on the air? Here are some of my personal recommendations:

If you love Downton Abbey you might like-

Bleak House (2005) [pictured above]- Lovely costume drama, lots of familiar faces, complicated Dickensian plots.

The Foryste Saga (2002)- Drama, dark plot, beautiful relationships (and not so beautiful).

North & South (2004)- Richard Armitage, miscommunications, strong female characters and Mr Bates.

Gosford Park (2000)- Written by Downton’s Julien Fellows, Dame Maggie, murder mystery, lots of upstairs and downstairs storylines.

If you’re a Whoovian you might enjoy-

Outcasts (2011)- Future human settlement on the planet of Carpathia, killer dust storms, Daniel Meade (minus Ugly Betty) and a beach full of diamonds.

Hyperdrive (2006)- Misfit, demoted British space warship travels the galaxy selling retail space back home in England. Hilarity ensues.

Merlin (2008)- Young magician hides his skills, takes advice from a dragon and serves as Prince Arthur’s whipping boy. Lots of wisecracks.

The Decoy Bride (2011)- Romantic comedy set in the outer Hebrides. The 10th Doctor and the voice of Brave’s Merida engage in a verbal sparring match. There are also bagpipes.

Agree? No? Have other suggestions? Leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “What to Watch

  1. Becky Day

    I LOVED Bleak House & North & South. Need to catch those other two. Another that you might like is Lark Rise to Candleford. Bates is the father of the main character & it’s just lots of fun to watch 🙂
    And The Decoy Bride is just hysterical, so much fun 🙂


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