Monthly Archives: February 2014


Back at the turn of the new year I made a list. Not resolutions, per say, but rather some good things that I’d like to focus on seeing more of. It is a fairly flexible list, open to interpretation as the year goes by.

It looks something like this:

More water
More sleep
More salads
More movement
More Bible
More friends
More love

When I woke up this morning I had no idea where the day would lead. We had plans that changed at least twice, a great walk in the fresh air and fantastic sledding in the sunshine. We watched the Olympics and hung around in our pajamas.

I am happy to say that I ended the day with a check mark in the more friends category. I had a lovely date with my dear friend Heather full of heartfelt conversation, good feelings, promises to ‘do this again soon’, and a last minute, intimate, Dar Williams concert.

I’ve decided to add something new to my list this year:

More Dar

I don’t think I will regret it.

{bonus material} I ended up walking to the mostly empty parking lot with Dar herself. We had a short, but lovely, conversation about her concert, her time in MA and how nice the city of Salem is. I think that might make us BFFs now 🙂