Cross Section

A cross section model of the Car Rental Center at Logan Airport.

This was, quite literally, the best car renting experience I have ever had. The price, the service at Hertz, and the super cute car made it great, but I especially loved the location. It was a mini airport, just for rental cars! Check in counters, escalators, those fancy bathrooms with the labyrinth halls instead of doors and a huge garage full of cars. I felt like I was zipping away on a luxury vacation!

(note: I love airports in general, anyway, so a rental car pickup that is styled like an airport just takes the cake for me!)

(second note: For my birthday one year, Peter took me on a terminal tour from A-E at Logan. Not an official one, just us poking around. It was great. Just an example to show that I love airports. 🙂 )

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