Monthly Archives: May 2015

Late Spring Mantle

We recently rearranged our furniture we got from from and swapped our living room with our dining room. Once everything was in its new home I felt a nagging to clear the fireplace mantle and freshen it up a little.

I am loving the simple, sweet colors and the reminders of friends and family.

Artwork is by the following (l to r): Apple and Pear by our own Catherine, Family Portrait by our sweet friend Allison Lyttle, and Live Simply Katie Daisy. The Lilacs were procured and arranged by Catherine. The teacup was my Grammy Q’s and was made into a candle and gifted to me by my very wonderful, teenage boy cousins after her death. <3

Great Bay View

We went exploring this afternoon and climbed a fire tower. For the girls, it was just the right combination of awesome and terrifying. They loved it! We had binoculars to check out the bay and the distant views of Portsmouth.

Esme brought up an interesting observation- the hill below us looked very steep from the ground, but it looked like a flat field from above. It was a perfect lead in to a discussion on perspective.

No matter how often it happens, I am always thrilled at how many new and distinct topics come up during our days and activities. Especially the ones that I never see coming. It is always such a good reminder to try to be in the moment and to be open to whatever may come our way (or come to mind!).

Field Trip

Fantastic morning at the Saugus Iron Works today. It was great to see our big group of homeschoolers follow and engage with the park rangers, asking questions and making connections. With water wheels, a blacksmith shop and a 500 pound hammer, we couldn’t have asked for a better field trip.

Learning to Paint

Continuing the theme of new experiences, Catherine took her first art class today. Like many before her at the studio, her first project was a painting of an apple and pear.

She came out of the studio after class with a huge smile and an apparent sense of satisfaction and pride. I can’t wait to see how she expresses herself with paint as she continues!

First Dance

As a parent, I constantly find joy in seeing my children experience and enjoy the things and activities that I did growing up.

It is equally heartwarming, however, to watch them strike out on their own, following their own new interests and trying different things.

Dance on, little one, and come home and teach me a thing or two.