Not So Bad

one hundred and ten

I took the above pic at the end of my two mile run today. I had the intention to write about how I am so not one of those people who look good when they work out (and I go to a gym on a college campus, so I know that they do exist!).

But then I got home and look at the photo and I didn’t think it looked too bad!

My smile belies how I was actually feeling, however. The red glow is 90% exertion and 10% sunkissed. The streams of sweat wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t stinging the aforementioned, slightly sunburned skin! My breath was labored and my legs sore.

Despite it all, I find my treadmill experience to be holding steady- not too impressive, but I’m still alive at the end. And that’s about all I could ask for!

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