One, err several, steps closer…

…to a finished downstairs!

Being completely crippled in the painting department by a curious and mobile toddler during the week I put my nose to the grindstone last weekend and finished the paint job on the staircase. Peter was dutifully employed keeping Catherine’s hands and hair out of the wet paint!

With the walls and the trim painted the knee wall blends into the room much better and the staircase as a whole actually looks like a completed project. I love having projects finished and bundled up so this feels great. Now on to finishing the rooms downstairs!

Here are a couple pictures to give you a feel for the new addition:

knee wall 


7 thoughts on “One, err several, steps closer…

  1. Jeremy

    Holy stinkin stink! Angela just called me over, and WOW! You did a fantastic job with those stairs! I can’t wait for the chance to see it in person! Isn’t it great to be able to do anything you want to your place, and then show it off? Keep it up!

  2. jennifair

    Looks great!! It will be amazing to see a set of stairs where I last remember seeing a Poang (sp!) chair! Congratulations on checking another thing off of the house to-do list! It’s amazing that your home has now officially DOUBLED in size because of this. 🙂 yay!


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