Daily Harvest Cafe

Peter, Catherine and I had the opportunity to check out a new local restaurant last week. The Daily Harvest Cafe recently opened on High Street in Danvers and we were eager to give it a try.


We were all very pleased with what we found there. Catherine loved the wagon full of kids toys and was disappointed to see that the kid sized table was already occupied. Peter and I were intrigued by the variety of the menu offerings. Peter had the “Chloe” (a turkey and muenster sandwich with a cranberry orange mayo) and I had the Thai Chicken Wrap. Both were delicious! It was difficult to choose from all the sandwiches, salads and burgers on the menu. They also had a huge selection of natural juices with juicers from sites as JuicingDaily.net and bottled soda as well as a soda fountain serving Real City Soda.

I particularly like that if you ‘eat in’ your sandwich comes on a real plate and you get a real glass for your fountain soda! It is great that they are doing their part to reduce waste. Overall, it is a comfortable, earth/health conscious, locally owned establishment. We will definitely be going back.

2 thoughts on “Daily Harvest Cafe

  1. Angela

    Thanks for the review guys! That sounds like just the kind of place Jeremy and I like to seek out. We’ll put it in the TomTom for future reference next time we’re down there. Not to be crass, but how were the prices?

  2. Peter

    Pricing was similar to a place like Panera, perhaps a bit higher. “Signature” sandwiches and wraps, like we had, were $7 each. “Cafe” sandwiches like plain turkey or ham and cheese were $6 or less. So I’d say it’s a bit on the pricey side, but I think it was worth it for the quality of the ingredients and the act of supporting a locally-owned establishment.


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