Need something to read?

I’ve recently finished a couple of good books:

Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic
by John de Graaf, Davin Wann, and Thomas H Naylor

I found this to be a good primer for examining the effects of over consumption. The book is based on a 2000 PBS documentary and, as such, it has a casual narrative style. It was a fairly easy read but is definitely intended to incite its readers to action- specifically to reexamine your own consumption and to reduce it- for the sake of the Earth.

Affluenza was strong on the causes and symptoms of Affluenza but seemed to fall short when discussing cures or solutions.

More With Less
by Doris Janzen Longacre

This second book offers some of the solution that was lacking above. Written, and contributed to, by members of the Mennonite faith, this book is primarily a cookbook. In addition, it is a handbook for cooking and living in simple and sustainable ways. I especially like the mindset that the author is coming from. The recipes are all basic, but unique and tasty. Most of the ingredients are easy to find at the store. And there are little tips here and there about how to save and use your leftovers and scraps. I love having thrifty inspiration.

One thought on “Need something to read?

  1. Ken & Terri F.

    Nearly everything I cooked for the first 20 years of our marriage came from “More with Less.” Particular favorites are Basic Curry, Meat and Potato Quiche and the easy cobbler (that one has saved my skin with unexpected company many times). May “More with Less” save you as much time and money and provide as much good food and fellowship as it has us over the years!


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