Sewing Patterns Courtesy of Freecycle

What is the first thing a gal should do when faced with five boxes of sewing patterns? Take pictures and post them, threadbared style, on her blog, of course!

Some that I’m keeping:

There are some really cute kids patterns. I love the simple lines of these little dresses and rompers! One of them is already in the works. Pics are soon to follow.

Some that I’m not:

Holy shoulder pads, Batman! And I’m pretty sure that’s Meg Ryan from the later portions of “French Kiss” there in the yellow pants. Not the yellow pantsuit. I think Meg had better sense than that!

Of special note:

That’s right, folks, a Snuggie. Or at least it’s older cousin.

Check out a bunch more here.

4 thoughts on “Sewing Patterns Courtesy of Freecycle

  1. jennifair

    Love the patterns. I don’t know what you’re thinking by tossing the yellow jumpsuit… come on! It’s like a onesie for grownups! 🙂

    We should totally come up with some snarky comments for these patterns – too funny, really!


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