I was tagged by my friend Katie to post six weird things about me. Here goes!

1. I check the mail obsessively. If I go out and it hasn’t come yet I will listen for the mail truck and then run out as soon as I’m sure the mail lady has moved up the street. Usually there’s nothing good…unless Jennifer has sent something!

2. I name my cars…”Otto Marius Ahenobarbus”: Red 1984 Saab, “Hedwig”: White 1998 Subaru, “Stewart”: Green Volkswagen Golf.

3. I think Purell is evil. (except in certain instances)

4. I love to shovel snow. This winter has been such a disappointment!

5. Peter and I grew up several states apart and didn’t meet until college…but I went to high school with his first cousins!

6. I’ve seen every episode of ER… probably twice.

I’m tagging:Jennifer, Bethany Joy, Amanda and Jenny

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