Pack it up!

Today: Ran errands and purchased a few random things to take on the trip. Got a pocket-sized Russian phrasebook/dictionary. Very handy, since we haven’t exactly mastered the Russian language.

Tonight: Met my Aunt Joan, my cousin Mark, and Mark’s girlfriend Ethel for dinner. Joan brought along some things for us to bring over to Kim. When we got home, we started arranging things in our suitcases, and it looks like we’re in pretty good shape! We each have one medium-sized suitcase for clothes and gifts, plus one carry-on backpack each. Not bad at all.

Tomorrow: Becky has to work. I’ll be at home doing some house cleaning, as well as squaring away a few last minute details. In the evening we’ll be meeting Becky’s parents for dinner.

Monday: A few final preparations, and then an afternoon departure!!!

Stay tuned to our website for updates before, during, and after the trip… I’ve set up a easy URL so that you can jump straight to the “Russia” category:| Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Pack it up!

  1. Mike

    You guys are going to actually have internet access over there? More importantly, you’re going to actually spend time on the computer? 😉

  2. Peter

    First of all, in Moscow we’re staying at my cousin’s apartment. She has her own computer with broadband internet access… she does video chats and VoIP telephony to friends and family in the States… heck, she even plays Warcraft online with my cousin Mark. So yeah, we’ll have internet access. But I think that at most we’ll be on for a few minutes in the evening before we go to bed, to blog about our experiences and perhaps upload a few photos… but we’re not going to “spend time” on the computer. There’s too much to see!

  3. Beth

    Bon Voyage Becky and Peter! Have a wonderful time. The only word I know in Russian is thank you – it sounds like “spresseeba”. Just learn that and the word for please and you should be all set. 😉


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