one hundred and forty six

Things done on the day you turned seven:

*Woke up on Martha’s Vineyard
*Ate scrambled eggs and worked on drawings
*Made cupcakes
*Walked to the Reliable to buy bologna for lunch
*Ate said bologna for lunch
*Received a Letterboxing kit
*Tried to find the box, but found cool white rocks instead
*Rode the large horse on the Flying Horses for the first time
*Frosted and decorated cupcakes
*Hiked at Cedar Tree Neck and found two letterboxes
*Grilled and ate hamburgers and hotdogs
*Had a birthday photo shoot
*Celebrated with cupcakes and singing
*Reluctantly fell asleep after reading Dr Seuss with Grandpa

Happy seventh birthday, my sweet Catherine Elinor. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you! Keep smiling and playing your favorite video game!

[photo credit: Peter R Wood]

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