Keeping Warm the Earth Friendly Way

Here it is November 5th and the Wood family has yet to fire up the furnace. I had set a goal not to use the heat until October was over, but now it is a game to see how long we can go without it (and without the high heating bill!) We know that eventually it will get too cold and we’ll be happy to turn the heat on. Until then, though, here are some things that we’ve been doing to keep warm as the temperature starts to dip.

* wearing socks and slippers
* wearing sweaters
* drinking hot tea and cocoa
* eating soup
* exercising

What are your favorite ways to keep warm?

6 thoughts on “Keeping Warm the Earth Friendly Way

  1. jennifair

    I am in love with my “heaties” – they are microwavable bags with corn (?) inside, and are actually both microwavable and freezable… they can do double duty if need be. I pop them in the micro for 2 minutes and kazam! Instant heat! I take them to bed, in the car in the morning (when it’s really cold and takes 10 minutes to warm up!) use them for body aches, etc. So wonderful. I even have “booties” and “mitts” as well – but they are quite klunky and smell much more strongly of corn.

  2. Kirsten

    Our big thick wool blanket from Paraguay, hot baths, and washing dishes by hand in hot water, and a Waldo curled up with you!

  3. Bethany Joy Lange

    Today we made a fort in the living room with Simon, and it was snuggly inside…but we also went in & out a million & one times. I think toddlers ARE heat generators – and they force you to move a lot! 🙂


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