Rebecca’s Book

You know how scientists, thinkers, and inventors of old (and probably of new) had those notebooks where they would write all of their ideas, plans, formulas, etc? Well, my wife has a book just like that. I think it’s pretty cool, so I wanted to share some photos of it:

The Book

Instead of drawings of water screws or flying machines, Rebecca’s book contains drawings of craft and interior decorating ideas, lists and plans for parties, and other random musings. Lovingly hand-inscribed with pencil, Rebecca’s notebook is an inspiration to me. To be more thoughtful, plan better, and get all of my ideas down somewhere.

You can see [more pictures of the book](

One thought on “Rebecca’s Book

  1. jennifair
    1. AHHH!! The “Rebecca” pencils! Yay! :)I’m glad they are useful!

    2. What a wonderful idea. Knowing me, I’d have a book like that and would just end up putting in post-its and pasting old scraps of paper that I wrote all of that stuff on, with a few entries here and there.

    Can I be you when I grow up?


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