Did a little housekeeping this afternoon. I updated the photo guide, so it now has our most recent adventures. Check it out if you want an easier-to-digest guide to what exactly is in our photo galleries.

I also changed around the names in the right side nav bar – they are alpha by last name now, and I’ve changed Will’s link from his older webpage to his more recent (and recently discovered by Becky) blog. I also added links to a few of the discussion board websites I frequent, as well as a link to the BeatBlog, a group blog run by Will and some of his Hillsdale cronies.

At the moment we don’t have any major site changes planned. Everything seems to be working well. Perhaps a few minor formatting tweaks, but nothing dramatic.

Keep visiting!

One thought on “Housekeeping

  1. Mom

    Great pictures, thanks for organizing them with the comments. We really appreciate seeing them. It was fun, glad you could join us!!!! Love, Mom


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