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Last Year…

This day one year ago, I proposed to Becky and she accepted. 🙂 And we’ve been married for almost 7 of the 12 months since then. 🙂 So I wanted to say “thanks” to my Becky for saying “yes” (or, as the case actually was, “No way… no way!! Are you serious????)

Here is her blog entry from that day:

Becky’s entry

And here is mine:

My entry

Incidentally, I decided to go ahead and remove the redirects from our old websites. So if you want to go and peruse our old blog entries, you won’t get automatically sent back to our current site.

My Old Kentucky Home

The first in a series of entries about our recent trip to the grand old commonwealth of Kentucky. Peter has put all of our pictures from the weekend up in the gallery And he divided the pics into different albums. I’ll make entries that correspond with the albums.

“Around Caanan Land” (Caanan Land Farm Bed and Breakfast in Harrodsburg, Kentucky where Kirsten and Mark Carter (our sister(-in-law) and brother-in-law) are the innkeepers. The farm was just perfect. Quaint, earthy, well kept, comfortable and there was a swimming pool! The family all stayed in the main house and we spent much time with the animals and in the pool and hot tub. The owners of the farm have sold it to new owners and K and M will be moving out in just a few days. We were lucky enough to be able to visit before they had to leave.

Quite the Exhibitionist

Before we launch into the events of the weekend I thought I’d post a tardy update about last Thursday night.

After a semester of planning and preperation my Exhibition Planning class opened our exhibit, “Freeing the Line: The Etchings of Charles H Woodbury.” I feel that the exhibit came out beautifully and that the opening reception was lovely.

I would encourage all of you to head down to Tufts in Medford and take a look at the finished product, but for those of you who can’t (and I think that that is most of our readership) Peter and I took some pictures. You can see them here

8098, 8099….. 8100!!

Yup, finally got the new phone. It’s cool. It takes pictures, it surfs the web, and of course, makes phone calls.

And when Becky calls me, her picture shows up on the front, and the theme song to “The Muppet Show” plays. 🙂

What a wonderful toy! See it below.

Episode Two

Previously in this Blog…We watched as Rebecca ate at Wendy’s, parked at the mall, and watched in horror as a small fire grew outside the Liberty Tree Mall…

…I looked around and was surprised that no one else had taken notice of this growing fire. I walked closer and enjoyed the smell of burning wood chips and mulch. Calmly and confidently I kicked more mulch over the fire and then proceeded to stomp the flames out.

Thereby saving the Mall from complete and utter distruction. BooYah!

Great American Hero

The day was Saturday. The mission: Crafty supplies at ACMoore. I had just finished lunch from Wendy’s and was walking through the parking lot at the Liberty Tree Mall. I looked up ahead of me and saw what I thought was smoke. My rational mind kicked in and I reasoned that maybe they had those automatic sprinkler systerms and it was being aired out and that what I saw was steam…but no.

It was indeed smoke. From a rapidly growing little fire. I looked around, surprised that noone else seemed to notice it…

To be continued….(on account of my having to leave work!)

Weekend Recap

This past Saturday was CBD’s warehouse sale. I was there working in Restock, but not for as long as usual! We got to come in a bit late, which was nice. After work, Becky and I had dinner at Panera and then bought a cheapo movie at Best Buy – “Say Anything” with John Cusack. It was actually pretty good!

Sunday after church, Becky and I drove out to Shrewsbury for the First Holy Communion of Nicholas Quitadamo (or, as we all know him, Cole). We had a good time there with the Q’s, and I took a bunch of great pictures of the kids at play. My definition of “kids” is broad, and includes Uncle Kevin, who has been known to appear in some interesting photos in the past. 🙂

Coming up this weekend – Kirsten’s graduation from Asbury College! Becky and I will be flying down to Lexington, Kentucky in our first trip to the Bluegrass state. We will be staying at the Canaan Land Farm Bed & Breakfast in Harrodsburg. Kirsten and Mark are currently the innkeepers there, but will be leaving shortly after graduation. Should be exciting. 🙂

iPod Party

I went to the iPod party at the Apple Store tonight. What is an iPod Party, you may ask? Take a look at my gallery to see:

The iPod Party

Apple released a new series of slimmer, lighter, more powerful iPods, and they celebrated by throwing yet another party. This one wasn’t quite as well attended as another Apple Party that I attended, but it was still fun. I came away with a free poster and a $10 t-shirt with the outline of an iPod on the front, and the party announcement on the back.

Go Apple!