Becky and I have realized that in recent months, our weekends have been very, very busy. And we rarely spend a weekend *not* traveling somewhere. So I decided to take an inventory of where we’ve been on the weekends for the past three months. I’ll include links to photo galleries where appropriate, and I’ll bold the weekends where we didn’t really leave the Beverly area:

March 1-2: Beverly + Boston
March 8-9: Beverly + Boston
March 15-16: Beverly
March 22-23: Beverly
March 29-30: Freeport, Maine

April 5-6: Boston + Beverly
April 12-13: Townsend + Boston
April 19-20: Mount Vernon, Ohio
April 26-27: Beverly

May 3-4: Beverly + Shrewsbury
May 10-11: Harrodsburg, Kentucky
May 17-18: Troy, New York
May 24-25: Martha’s Vineyard
May 31 – June 1: Beverly + Shrewsbury

Phew! So chances are… if you’re looking for us in Beverly, don’t look for us on the weekends!

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