Winding Down

Today’s the last day of the conference. I have just one more session to attend, then Becky and I are taking the rest of the day off to do some touristy things.

It’s insane how many people at this conference, which is not Mac-specific, have Mac computers. I’d say that of the people who brought laptops, at LEAST 50% of them are Mac PowerBooks or iBooks. At least. Here’s a funny conversation I recently overheard while sitting in the Apple-sponsored “Rendezvous Room” – a place to hook up your laptop to the network and power, or use a Mac computer if you don’t have one:

Guy 1 is at a table using his PC laptop. Guy 2 walks in and sets up his Mac laptop.

Guy 2: “Ah, someone without a Mac!”
Guy 1: “Actually, I wish I had one…”


I have the latest Oregon pictures up in our Oregon Gallery, including the Japanese Garden, Mount Hood, and the Oregon Coast. Any other pictures we take between today and tomorrow will probably have to go up after we get settled back down in Beverly.

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