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Newsbriefs from other blogs:

* Will has been lighting em’ up, packing em’ down, and getting his eyeballs sliced, diced, and burned. Sounds like fun? Check out his blog.

* Mike is trying out some new blogging technology, and recently got a job so that he can buy more music. 😉

* Jackie is up in Massachusetts.

* The Holts recently overhauled their website.

* The Oregon Extension ’99 blog is picking up steam, with new arrivals checking in regularly.

Now, back to Wood-news.

Yesterday, Becky and I took a trip down to Hyannis to see Jeremy’s new apartment. We had dinner with him and Angela, which was very nice, and we went to an ice cream place afterwards that I last visited when I was, well… younger. Can’t remember exactly when, but definitely at some point before I had my driver’s license. 🙂

Friday night, Becky and I went out to dinner at (the recently renamed) Vinny T’s of Boston, browsed (the recently remodeled) A.C. Moore, and watched (the recently released) Bend It Like Beckham at (the recently overpriced) Hollywood Hits. (Note – the prices on that website aren’t at all accurate, unfortunately)

My current read is Peter F. Hamilton’s The Reality Dysfunction: Part 1 – the first in a galaxy-spanning series of science fiction novels. It’s been a while since I have dug into a real hard-science-fiction novel, so it’s very refreshing. I also recently finished the dark and bizarre, but good, Perdido Street Station. If you’re into bizarre races, crisis theory, and dystopian steampunk weird fiction…. check it out. 😉

And now, to finish the laundry. Ta-ta!

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  1. Mike

    Let me know how The Reality Dysfunction is. I may give it a try one of these days…. though I have plenty of books here that I haven’t read yet.


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