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I’ve created a new blog, which you can see here:

***PCS Photo Blog|http://home.prwdot.org/~prw/cgi-bin/pcsblog.pl***

At first glance, it just looks like some photos with captions. But what’s really cool about it is how the photos and captions get up there.

My ***Sanyo SCP-8100|http://www.sanyo.com/wireless/handsets/scp-8100.htm*** phone from ***SprintPCS|http://www.sprintpcs.com/*** can take small photo snapshots. Then, from the phone, you can add a text caption and a voice memo, and send it all to any number of email addresses, or other multimedia-capable phones.

So what I did (and I got the idea from “Maokh” at the Sprintusers.com forum) was write a program to capture the emails sent to a certain email address, extract all of the relevant information from them, and insert it into a database. Then, I wrote another program which goes to that database, selects all of the information, and displays it in a blog. Simple! 😉

So basically what this amounts to is that I can post photos, text, and audio to a blog, all by simply sending an email from my cell phone – no additional user intervention required!

I hope you all get a kick out of reading it. 🙂

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