Replacement Mac Fund-Raiser

This Sunday, while Becky and I were housecleaning, my venerable Mac clone machine suffered a brain hemmorhage. Despite my many attempts to revive it, including completely disassembling and reassembling all of the parts, and replacing the power supply with a fresh, new one, the machine will now no longer boot up.

So now I am faced with the task of acquiring a computer to replace my dear old desktop machine. We do of course still have the Pismo Powerbook and Becky’s HP Pavillion, so we’re not without computers. But I do like having a desktop Mac which can also act as a server – was hosted on the now-deceased PowerMac.

With that in mind, I’ve revamped my ‘clearance sale’ that has been on the ***Project K|*** website for a while now. It now includes items from the ex-computer that can be salvaged and used in other computers. The sale also includes other random items such as CD players, SCSI CD-ROM drives, cell phones, Anime DVD’s, and other electronic gadgets.

So visit ***The Sale|*** and see if there’s anything you’d be interested in buying to help out a good cause. Many thanks to my friend Dylan from the ***All Things Macintosh|*** forum at for running the Project K forum and for putting up the big announcement on his site.

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