Made some changes

I’ve made a few changes to the site. If the page looks weird, please let me know. I’ve tested my changes out on quite a few browsers, thanks to ***BrowserCam|***, but it doesn’t cover absolutely everything.

In summary, here are the changes:

qqq|* Eliminated “tables” as a method of laying out the page. Tables are still useful for displaying tabular data, but for too long they have also been used as a layout tool. They were never intended as such, and so now I am using “div” tags to lay out and style all of the data on the site. This is probably the biggest change, and is the one likely to cause the most problems if you’re using a weird (or old) browser.

* Condensed the site’s stylesheet, removing redundant tags, collapsing some tags together, and adding some new tags for clarity.

* Made sure the code of at least the homepage was compliant with the ***XHTML 1.0 Strict|*** specification for structured documents, and the ***CSS 2.0|*** specification for document style sheets. This won’t be a visible change for most, but it should ensure that our site will work in the browsers of the future. You can check the compliance of individual pages using the links you will now find if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

*Re-separated the photo gallery from the flow of the site. Hopefully this will be faster and less confusing to people who come to the site just to see the photo gallery. As the gallery continues to grow and grow (it now holds 2,734 photos!), I believe it’s important to keep it more separate. Some day it may even need its own server!|qqq

That’s about it. These changes should make it easier for us to alter the style of the site, as well as (hopefully!) make it look better to everyone.

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